How to Use Email Marketing to Improve Your SEO Results

How to Use Email Marketing to Improve Your SEO Results

Email marketing has been known to bring in great results and engaging your audience. Many businesses and bloggers have been using email marketing to keep in contact with their readers in a way to stay relevant. You might not have the time to add content to your website constantly, but sending out an email is much more doable in your busy life. Did you know that you can also use email marketing to improve your SEO results?

If you want to use email marketing to improve your SEO ranking, we have just the tips for you.

Customer reviews

There are so many benefits to getting reviews from your customers. Back in the day, one could call a business and have a business voicemail greeting be your companion. These days, you can send out an email and ask your customers to complete a quick survey and there you go. Customer reviews are easier to gather if you have a strong email list of your customers. With this benefit already, you can also use your email marketing to improve your SEO results. You have to be smart about how you word your questions and include the relevant keywords. When your customers then answer these questions, they might reuse those exact keywords, which in return causes a double keyword use. Do this a few times and you are improving your ranking without doing much.

Engagement with readers

When you send out your emails, it might not do as much as you hope it would, but if there is interaction, you stand a better chance. Try and write your emails in an interactive manner which allows for responses. The more keywords are used, the better for your SEO results. It might seem fruitless at first, but once you start engaging with your audience, the more your responses will increase. Write as if you are writing a letter to your best friend and needing a response. You can have the best voicemail greeting but if you do not have an actual conversation with someone, it does not end in the same results. At first many writers start to sound too professional, but with time you learn and become more comfortable in your communication. Once you understand that there are actual people on the other side, it becomes easier.


Even though we constantly focus on keywords to boost SEO ranking, you can also attract a lot of attention by using great images. This is a great way to boost your readers’ experience. If your readers are enjoying your emails, you can expect them to share it and thus boosting your SEO results. This is so much better than getting a professional voicemail message because you are actually connecting with your audience. Make sure you are focused on making sure you choose the right images. Do not go and look at stock images and fill your page with unrelated images. Your emails need to grab attention and not distract from the content. The two has to be connected. When you see a great image or a graph, you want to go to the website and see what else there is to offer. This is how you grow your traffic and thus your SEO ranking.


You should always have a call to action in every email you send out. If not, your readers will simply read the email and close it. These steps are important if you want to interact with your audience. You need to redirect your readers to the place you want them to be. If you wrote a great email about a new product for example, you want to place a button at the bottom of the email that takes them to the order page. Be persuasive in your call to action and do not make it a difficult process. If your audience clicks on that link or button, it should be an effortless process. Make sure you test it a few times yourself, just to be sure.

Mobile friendly

Most viewers use their mobile phones to read emails. We are an on the go population and you need to make sure that you have a mobile friendly setup. Your readers are less likely to scroll left to right on their phones, so make sure that it fits perfectly into their screens. After you included a mobile friendly version, you once again want to test this out on a view mobile phones. You also want to keep your emails short so that people on the go can get the message without feeling like they’ve just read a novel. Keep your main objectives to the point.

Inbound links

The main idea behind email marketing is to bring more readers to your website. Make sure you have a good amount of links pointing you’re your website to convert your readers to customers. You want to be sure that your website is up to scratch and you have good information on there when these subscribers visit. Link building is very important when it comes to upgrading your SEO ranking, so you want to make sure that your links all work. Having broken links has the opposite effect. If you have broken links, the search engines will pick it up and your ranking will actually go down a notch.


There are so many benefits to getting your readers to subscribe to your email list. Your readers are the crux of your website success and you want to make sure that you are relevant and not easily forgotten. An email list is a great way to stay in touch, without having to write an entire article. Email marketing is easy to do and it is important to be consistent. If you send out an email twice a week, you want to schedule that in your planner. Your readers will expect you to be consistent and you do not want to disappoint them. The benefits are definitely outweighing the effort it takes to send out a bulk email.

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